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[07 Dec 2006|06:44pm]
[ mood | angry ]

I HATE word limits, why were they ever invented? Its obviously just cause whoever is marking it can't be bothered to read pages and pages of work!!!!!! Damn their laziness! arg!! ok I feel like I've vented now, I'm going to stop wasting time and cut 500 words out of my coursework.

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[26 Nov 2006|06:32pm]
did the cut not work? I just went on 'view the entry' and its not there
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[26 Nov 2006|06:31pm]
Hello everyone! everyone keeps saying how facebook is taking over their lives so I thought I'd add this little anecdote: as I was coming back from uni on the bus by myself the other day I started listening to the conversations of the people around me (its nosy I know but I was bored!) anyway at some point they all mentioned how they spend way too much time on facebook and how much more interesting it gets when they have lots of work to do. That's it, I found it quite funny at the time but its possibly not the most amazing annecdote of all times! I shall now attempt a cut ...
my first ever cut - click here to read about my week (hopefully)!!Collapse )

Well that's it, still no amazing romance, but maybe one day. Can't wait for Christmas its gonna be sooo good!
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[16 Nov 2006|03:17pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

hello everyone, well this week has been very stressful, largely due to the essay that I was still writing at 4am this morning having started it on tuesday, its actually the biggest pile of rubbish I've ever written - oh dear. However I'm very proud of myself because its the first essay I have written at uni and I handed it in on time - hurray! (even if I did only get 4 hours sleep and its going to be the reason I fail!) I don't understand why I keep doing so badly in social anthropology, I find it really interesting I just never seam to get round to doing the work, last week I did my portfolio task for the tutorial on the bus on the way to the tutorial and it was rubbish, I had to present it in front of the whole group which was soooooo embarrassing as they all put loads of effort into their work and had really detailed and thought out presentations.
I'm still undecided about going to Birmingham and I really need to make up my mind cause if I don't buy the tickets today they're gonna get really expensive and I have no money as it is. At 4 am I'd decided that I wasn't going as I have a lot of work to do, am in serious need of sleep and my work is currently spread all over my floor so I'm gonna loose all my notes. Having said that these are all rubbish reasons and I really want to go and see people.
Not much has been happening in my life this week, I'm meeting Gemma, a friend from dancing at Colchester, later we're going to have some food and then go to tap together. I'm looking forward to it, she's at the royal northen college of music (which is in Manchester!) but we haven't yet managed to meet up
I can't believe how much I've been posting on lj - I am definitely developing an internet addiction, its amazing how interesting facebook becomes when you have work that you don't want to do! its going to get me in to trouble, I think Chris now hates me cause I tagged him in that picture that I put in my post of him in a gorgeous pink skirt - last night he tried to throw me over the balcony!!! Seeing as I am becoming a live journal regular I was wondering if someone could tell me how to do a fancy cut thing?

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[12 Nov 2006|09:49pm]
I had soooooo much fun yesterday, it was amazing. it was such a long day we had to be at the coach for 6:45 (this has to be the first time I've got up before 7:15 at uni!) and didn't get back till 2:45 the next day, 13 hours of which were spent at the dance competition and most of that time was spent dancing or cheering very loudly so now I'm having trouble talking, but it was so worth it. We didn't win anything (by we I mean Chris and I, other people from Manchester won things because we're so great!!!) but we made it to lots of quarter finals so I was very pleased! I got to put on lots of make-up and dress up which was lots of fun although we managed to loose the dress I was supposed to wear for the team section so I didn't get to wear that but still lots of different outfits, well three but thats lots for one day! I will now try and put some pictures in this post but based on previous experience this may not go to well! What's happening about this week-end, yay or nay?

if this worked its the four beginner girls

chloe and me in our latin outfits!

the guy in the skirt is Chris my dance partner, they're doing the all male rumba
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[19 Sep 2006|02:51pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hello from my university room!!!!! After much anger, frustration and stupidity I did finally manage to get internet in my room - I'm so happy no more wondering round the computer clusters hoping to find a free one! I will therefore put my pictures on photobucket very soon, I'm sorry its taken so long I've been really busy! Freshers week is so amazing! I've met so many people I can't rememeber all their names and I've added numbers to my phone but I don't remember who the people are! I went out to this club called Pure with my flatmates and their friends last night, it was so much fun! they played many of our holiday songs, although not any pussycat dolls which was very saddening! Yesterday I had a meeting for my 'department', the whole set up reminds me very much of the set-up with the IB at college. It reminded me further of the IB as we had lectures about how amazing we are and how we are the chosen few with a ratio of 1 place for every 12 applicants. the other people on the course seem really nice and I went into the city centre with one of them - we found the big shopping centre - its amazing, I love living in a city! I spent two hours cueing for my swipe card yesterday, met loads of people though, they've introduced on-line registration for the first time and its so messed up everything is really confusing and takes forever! I'm going back to the freshers fair now - its so massive I've decided to do it in sections! the uni may be on the busiest bus route in Europe but its also the slowest you have to give yourself like an extra half an hour to get anywhere! I miss you all loads, can't wait to see you all again (in however many weeks it is!)

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[14 Sep 2006|01:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Hello everyone! I'm back - well I've been back for a couple of days but I've spent most of that time sleeping and panicking about how not ready I am for uni. I have so much reading to do before tomorrow its just not true, on the bright side I do have like two weeks of freshers week to sort it all out, it looks so kool - there's loads of parties although I'm going to be sending lots of time actually choosing the courses I'm doing for the next three years. I can't believe I have to choose now - I've been putting it of for so long!

I stole this from Christine cause it looks like fun!

Looking back on this summer, have you...

1. Drank alcohol?
Yes lots!

2. Cried?

3. Kissed anyone?
who? me?!!!!!

4. Been on holiday in this country?
I actually haven't in the summer

5. Been on a vacation to a different country
Yes yes yes yes!!!

6. Been to the beach?
Yes - Barcelona and Nice hurrah

7. Been to an island?
does England count?

8. Done drugs?
sort of

9. Smoked?

10. Snuck out?
depends what that means

11. Had a sleepover?

13. Slept in someone elses bed?

14. Went pee in a pool?

15. Went skinny dipping?
YES! hehe thats something I never thought I'd do!

16. Been on the computer a lot?
not that much

17. Played video games?

18. Listened to a MP3/ipod?

19. Been on over 30 car rides?
Probably we did drive alot in the Dordogne

20. Been grounded?

21. Been to a party?

22. Regret something?

23. Been dumped?

24. Lied?

25. Done anything against the law?
don't think so

26. Been camping?
no, well we did stay on two campsites

27. Got in a fight?

29. Stayed at a hotel?

30. Talked on the phone all night?

31. Went shopping?
yes!! In Paris

34. Asked someone out?

35. Got in a car with a stranger?

36. Lost someone close?

37. Had someone sleep in your bed?

38. Been to a movie?

39. Been to a club?
yeah just a few!

40. Slept in?
hmmm, yeh, but i should have gone to versailles (this was Christines but I agree so I'm leaving it!)

41. Got tanned?
yes, I have a very tiny tan line

42. Watched TV for more than 5 hours?

43. went further than kissing?
what a rude edgaresque question! (also Christine's reply)

45. Tried something new?
yeah a few things, skinny dipping

46. Did homework?

47. Learned something new?
yes so many things

48. Driven?
yes, that was a bit dangerous!

49. Eaten IN-N-OUT?

50. Went surfing?

51. Went dancing?

52. Been to a concert?

54. Played with fire?

55. Gained weight?
Probably although I haven't weighed myself yet

56. Made new friends?
not really

Who is the person/people you were with the most?
my wonderful friends!

Where have you been the most?

Have you eaten chocolate chip cookie dough?
no, waffels! (again christine's)

What is the best day?
aarg! dont make me choose

What is your biggest regret so far this summer?
that i didnt bring more clubbing outfits

What is your favorite song this summer?
Maneater, buttons, that shakira aong that I can't remember the title of

What is your favorite movie this summer?

Is this the best summer so far?
yes yes yes yes!!!!!!! its been so much fun and I wish I could do it all over again!

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[01 Sep 2006|10:44am]
hello dont have much time so sorry about the bad spelling etc. Barcelona is amazing weve been out every night - tonight i our last night Im so exhausted nd hung over. Weve got lots of points and have some hilarious stories renting bikes today so we can actually see barceloa which we havent done yet. Im not doing well with Claire - keep getting Rs!
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hello from Barcelona! [29 Aug 2006|02:43pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I dont have much time cause internet is free but we only get 20 mins! I love Italy sooooooo much, the food is wonderful and the people are so kool! Alice and I had the best ice cream ever, Belgian waffles with ice cream on top and then chococlate sauce oin top of that - it was very messy to eat but definately worth it! Nice was amazing the sea is so blue, I have a post card that sums it up but left it up stairs so I´ll save that pleasure for another post. Anyway now we are in Barelona and currently planning out which clubs to go to - yay!

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[20 Aug 2006|09:56am]
[ mood | excited ]

hello from Prague!!! Berlin was amazing, we didn't really get round to seeing much of it but wha we did see I really liked. Clubbing was fun to and I went to my first ever gay bar, which was very sary, expecially when this woman put her arm rond me and started talking in German, luckily Hannah was there and aooarently sh was saying that I was ery small and sexy. The other club was good to apart from the creepy guys who were taking pictures of christie and me while we were dancing. We got to Prague at 8(colon)30 last night, having missed the train we were supposed to get so no Dresden and then almost missing the train we managed to get seats on! We also lost our booking at hostel elf because they are rubbish and gave our places away when we didnt confrim immediatel, so the easties and westies are split up in two hostels. We are closer to the centre which is so beautiful and there are loads of people around. The others have the nicer hostel but they are quite far out and therefore unfortuneately really far away, which is sad when we only hae 3 days left together.

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[04 Aug 2006|07:00pm]
I'm afraid that this is going to be a post with much ranting due to my stressed out state but I'll start with something good. Rome was fun although there is way too much to see in less than two days and we tried to go everywhere way too fast. I liked it, although Vienna is better, I don't think I will ever want to live there whereas I could sooo live in Vienna (I just need to learn German first!) but I would like to go back. The food was really good!
However many things are not good. Why is Ryan air so rubbish - I really don't understand. I flew 4 times while I was away and there was only on bad flight and it was the ryan air one. Air Berlin are so good, they give you food, seat numbers, the planes are nice and have proper seats and little TVs from the ceiling on which the play TV programmes (you have to buy the headphones, but still), plus the air hostesses are so tidy and professional looking and you get seat numbers. And its not as if they are more expensive than Ryan air they're just German and efficient.
I'm also angry at Manchester because they won't confirm my place until after the A level results because the people have gone on holiday, which means I can't get a full student account it also means that everything will happen while I'm away. This brings me round to banks they are worse than Ryan air! I tried to go and get my account sorted before I went away but I knew more about the account than the people on the help desk, so I went back today with the letter saying that you can infact open an early student account and after shouting alot at the helpdesk person I finally was able to set up the early student account, so I will now have a cheque book and credit and debit account as well as being able to use interenet bam
nking, all of which would have been very useful for europe and now they won't arrive til after I have left.
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[29 Jul 2006|07:21pm]
Hello everyone (exclamation mark (em)) I'm now in hamburg, its quite a pretty town and one of my cousins is actually aknowledging our existence (em). There's a lake right next to their house and we've swam across it every day, its beautiful. See you all soon for europe (many em)
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[26 Jul 2006|06:10pm]
Hello, I am currently sitting outside the altes rathaus in vienna listening to opera music because they have a film festival here in the summer. Its really amazing, there are stalls with food from all over the world and every night they show a film of a ballet, opera, or some kind of music concert and its free. It goes on til the third of september, if people are here then. Vienna is amazing, we wnt to a concert in the main church last night, mozart and vivaldi, it was really good. We've also been on a trip on the danube and two tours. Vienna is so big though I feel like I haven't seen any of it. I've eaten so much ice cream, there are eiscafes everywhere.
I apologise for the bad spelling and punctuation, I'm on my dad's blackberry, college have give all senior staff one and paid the bills (see they have their uses) anyway its hard and I have this wierd version of lj.
See you all soon for europe (there is an exclamation mark here but I don't know how to do them)
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[23 Jul 2006|09:10pm]
well this is my last post for ten days, I'm kind of excited I've never been to Austria or Italy but I've never really enjoyed family holidays, there are always lots of arguments between my mum and sister and my cousins are never that interested in us but still I get to see Rome and Vienna. I don't have to leave too early tomorrow either, which is good!
At the moment I'm watching tribe and the people were saying that you couldn't have a party without beer! People are the same everywhere! Except for the girls want to be whipped, which is definitely different!
Have a good ten days everyone, Tara and Christine I will see you in Stockholm, I can't believe it I'm soooo excited!
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[21 Jul 2006|09:51am]
[ mood | confused ]

for anyone who reads this in time I'm suggestion that we meet outside loofers at 5pm, just for a little while.
As for news of my life, I now officialy HATE BANKS! They are stupid and unhelpful - I really don't see why we have them. I went to try and set up an early student account due to the fact that I thought UCAS sent IB results to the universities, at least that's what it says on their website, but when I asked manchester what I was supposed to be doing they said I had to send them a copy of my results, so anyway I sent them yesterday and so have no confirmation of my place so I can't get a student account. However they do an early student account so that when UCASsay I have the place they just upgrade it, I don't trust UCAS anymore but I don't have much time so I thought that would be the best way to do things. However I knew more about the account than the people at the bank did and the result was that, after they had read the brochure to find out the conditions for a student account and discovered the early student account actually exists, I have no account because it got so riduculously confusing and she took us over to see the lady about foreign money before we'd even finished discussing the account. This lady was just as unhelpful - all she did was tell me how wonderful traveller's cheques were only to then say that they have to order them and can only keep them for 10 days so due to my going on holiday I wouldn't be able to get any - ahhhhhhh!!
Than I had the concert in Nayland, which was really very hot - every time I had to stnd up my trousers would stick to the chair and I was worried that they would fall down! The Germans have left, it was very sad they were so friendly and I'll never see them again because I'm not going on tour with Colne Valley :( I'm really sad - I didn't think I would be sad about them going or about leaving colne valley but on the way home I was so sad. I think its because everything is ending and its slowly dawning on me. I am so excited about uni though and Europe - its so close now I can't wait!!!!! I may be about to explode!!!

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[20 Jul 2006|09:41am]
so what does everyone think about meeting up on Friday afternoon, hopefully in castle park? I don't have any great plans it would just be nice to see everyone before I go away to spend some time with my wonderful *she says sarcatically* cousins
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[18 Jul 2006|10:03pm]
I had a fun day at the beach today and now I am so tired! I have a large amount of admiration of any teacher that has ever taken a school trip - its very stressful! Sarah and I had to get 20 germans to Walton on the train which we thought included a change and so got everyone of the train only to find out that there was no change and then had to get everyone back onto the train! I had to shout 'this way' and 'over here' a lot and explain everything hundreds of times, but it was fun and we didn't loose anyone! I haven't been to the beach for ages, we built a sandcastle and went on the dodgems - there was this one girl who was completely dangerous and kept chasing me!
The day got worse with the worst ever rehearsal - it was incredibly boring.
Anyway could we meet up on friday or Saturday because I can't come on Thursday and I leave on Monday.
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[17 Jul 2006|09:28am]
[ mood | creative ]

Berit is coming today - yay! At the moment I know nothing about her (other than that she's 17, plays the flute, is called Berit and, well, is female) this means that I can imagine that she's some amazing person who I'll get on with really well so at the moment she's interesting, funny, kind ... the only problem is that while I love meeting new people if I know I'm going to be meeting them then they often disappoint me (does that make any sense?), I have this habit of molding them in to exactly the person I want them to be, except for they're never that person and even if they were I probably wouldn't like them because the people I usually end up being good friends with are the people I don't plan for.
Ok so to sum up, Berit is coming today and I live in a perfect imaginary world.
As for other things in my life I spent the whole of yesterday cleaning my room and a drawer for Berit - yes my room really is that messy! Although I don't now how I tidied it up just after exams! Saturday was more fun as I went to see potc2, I was prepared for a completely dreadful film after what everyone was telling me but its not too bad as films go, but I suppose people were measuring it up to the first oe which is much better. On friday I had my hair cut, its not much different just a lot shorter due to all the split ends! In the evening I went out with some friends which was fun but sad because we have planned out the next two times we'll meet before I go to university, only twice more ahhhhh! its so close! I investigated student accounts yesterday and learnt a lot about banks at the same time, finally!

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[14 Jul 2006|10:26am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Thanks to Tara's wonderful instruction I can (hopefully!!) now add pictures so here goes:

Read more...Collapse )

Well here's to hoping I've done this right!

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[13 Jul 2006|08:45pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

So to continue with my long post of catching up ... Friday was my oboe exam and swiftly moving on the evening brought a dancing rehearsal and the wonderful evening of salsa. It was so much fun - I love salsa dancing, actually I just love any form of dancing (please don't take that literally - just in case I discover some kind of incredibly embarrassing form of dancing!)
The week-end brought my last ever show with Lorraine - I've been there for over a decade, since it first started in a small room in Christ Church URC/CofE, through the four different places and several drama teachers! And now its over the last show was the better of the two - despite one of the girls being in casualty! All the people leaving got a picture of our class, which was nice. I would like to post some pictures of my gorgeous costumes but I don't know how! I'm so useless at all things computer related! The next day was my last lesson and we had the most delicious chocolate cake and then I went to Alice's party in a somewhat saddened mood although I was very proud that I managed to get there without getting lost!
And finally Tuesday was another last - my last time at St John Ambulance, I can't say I was as sad as for dancing, in many ways I was quite happy - I'll miss the people a lot but I'm not sure that I'm really cut out to be a first aider.
I'm very happy because yesterday my inter-rail pass came! Its not at all what I expected but its still here and real! Yay Europe! I can't wait!

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